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Vastu Shastra is an architectural science that revolves around numerous core rules. While you want to buy a Vastu compliant home, you must consider a few important Vastu Tips for homes so that you could implement long-term peace, wellness, and prosperity.

The below mentioned Vastu tips for homes will enable you to keep knowledgeable concerning the crucial dos and don’ts while buying a property. You will be capable to design your home based on the core tips of Vastu and this can naturally result in an optimistic change in your life without a doubt.

Top 10 Vastu Tips for a new home

The important Vastu tips to keep in mind before buying a home are as follows:

  1. Vastu Tips for Home Entrance


A core element of Vastu for home plans, the doorway needs to be rigorously worked out in keeping with a number of ideas. Here are some important points to remember:

  • For entrance doorways in the north wall, they need to be in the northeast zone.
  • For doorways in the south wall, the southeast is essentially the most auspicious route still another door needs to be there in the north route.
  • North-east is the best way to go once you’re finding your entrance within the east wall.
  • The most auspicious zone for entrance is the northwest.
  • The essential entrance needs to be the largest door in the home and a two-shuttered essential door opening inside is very optimistic.
  • Having the main entrance of the house made of high-quality wooden is really helpful and it needs to be noise-free while closing/opening.
  • The entrance door needs to be brightly lit with a good title plate for attracting happiness and prosperity.
  • A threshold on the essential door helps you fight the lack of wealth.
  • Ideally, the main door needs to be increased than the floor stage with an odd variety of steps.
  • Exit doorways need to be smaller than entrance doorways and the doorway needs to be at the least a few toes away from the nook.
  • The total variety of doorways and home windows in a home needs to be even and never finish with 0.
  • The main door shouldn’t immediately face one other home’s essential door.
  • The underground tank/septic tank shouldn’t be underneath the main door.

  1. Vastu Tips for Living Room


The lounge is among the areas the place some primary Vastu for home is required to be carried out. This is the place most activity takes place and therefore you must at all times maintain the living room freed from litter. Here are some important points to remember:

  • The lounge needs to be in the north, east, or north-east and even north-west.
  • Electronics or home equipment needs to be within the south-east.
  • The west or south-west direction should be occupied with heavy furniture.
  • The mirror needs to keep on the north wall if it is currently in the lounge.

  1. Vastu Tips for Bedroom


Another necessary zone of the home is a bedroom and you should use the ideas of Vastu to construct up optimistic vitality and enhance relationships as well. Here are some important points to remember:

  • For Extra Prosperity & well being South-west is the best place for the bedroom to have.
  • Bedrooms need to be averted from south-east or north-east which can result in well-being issues and fights amongst {couples}. Keep the bed towards the southwest nook of the bedroom with the head facing towards the west.
  • Never put a mirror or tv in the front of the bed and your reflection shouldn’t be considered in a mirror when within the bed because it results in home disturbances.
  • Always have earthy/neutral shades in your bedroom to be able to harness optimistic vitality. Do not paint black color in the partitions.
  • The bedrooms should not have paintings exhibiting water or fountains or temples.

  1. Vastu Tips for Kitchen


The kitchen Is a very crucial space for the family especially for the female members of our family. You ought to ensure that the kitchen is litter-free. You should all the time place the kitchen within the southeast or south nook since this route is what governs fire. The gas oven and sink need to be individually positioned since fire and water are opposing components.

  1. Vastu Tips for Bathroom & Toilet


You have to ensure that toilets and bathrooms aren’t hooked up and even when they’re, they need to be positioned within the northeast route without touching the kitchen partitions. Mirrors need to be positioned above the storage. Bathrooms need to be increased than floor stage for stopping any leakage of water. Keep the water supply and geyser in opposite directions. Always keep lighter colors like white in the bathroom.

  1. Vastu Tips for Balcony or Verandah


This is a place where you can use for entertaining, rest, gardening, etc. The balcony needs to be within the north or northeast and you may put small flower plants right here within the northeast route. Use sq. or geometric seating within the balcony when you’ve got ample shades and select earthy colors like beige, inexperienced, yellow, and so forth for this house.

  1. Vastu Tips for south dealing with homes

South facing homes is sometimes thought of problematic by few homeowners though that is majorly on account of misinformation than anything. Going by Vastu tips, South facing properties will be extremely auspicious if particular ideas are adopted. Also, they are the most demanded ones, especially in Kolkata. Here are key components to bear in mind:

  • The entrance needs to be on the 4th half/step of the south facet.
  • Sit facing north direction & with your back to the south in the home.
  • In case open space within the south is greater than or equal to the constructing height, just be sure you plant taller bushes or a hedge.
  • Red needs to be used within the space exterior of your home and set up a crimson-colored picture or portray of Lord Hanuman or the hero you want on the southern wall.

  1. Vastu Tips for west dealing with homes

If you have got a west-facing home, listed here are some key Vastu tips to remember:

  • Avoid entrances within the 7th, 8th, and 9th portions of the western side.
  • Purchase of flats/plots with South-west or South extensions is not preferable as per Vastu.
  • Borewell/water sump should never be to the southwest of your house.
  • Kitchens ought to by no means be within the southwest.
  • Plots ought to by no means be increased within the north than the south.
  • Entrances need to be within the 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th portions of the west.
  • Walls in the west and south need to be thicker and better in comparison with north and east.
  • The north-west or south-east kitchens are auspicious as per Vastu.
  • Living and pooja rooms in the north-east are auspicious.
  • The north-west, west, or south are the best position to have a kid’s room.
  • The visitor bedroom needs to be in the north-west.
  • Plots sloping from south to north is considered to be good.

  1. Vastu Tips for east dealing with homes

East facing properties are sometimes most popular by homebuyers and listed here are some key Vastu tips to remember:

  • Toilets shouldn’t be positioned in the north-east and the north-east nook shouldn’t have a bedroom.
  • There needs to be no septic tank in the north-east nook.
  • The staircase & kitchen shouldn’t be in the north-east and north-east nook respectively.
  • The plot shouldn’t slope from north to south.
  • In the east and north of the home, there shouldn’t be large-sized bushes.
  • In the north-east and north of the house, there shouldn’t be any dustbins.
  • The main door needs to be within the 5th portion or pada of the east wall.
  • Walls in the east and north needs to be thinner and shorter as in comparison with the west and south.
  • In the north-west or south-east, the kitchen could be kept.
  • Pooja room & lounge could be kept in the north-east.
  • In the north-west of the house, a visitor bedroom should be positioned.
  • Plots sloping from south to north are considered auspicious in this case.
  • The main bedroom needs to be positioned in the south-west.

  1. Vastu Tips for North Facing properties

For North facing properties, listed here are the important Vastu tips that you must consider:

  • No bathrooms in the north-east.
  • The bedroom shouldn’t be in the north-east nook.
  • You shouldn’t have any septic tank within the north-east nook.
  • There shouldn’t be any staircase in the north facet.
  • The kitchen shouldn’t be in the north-east.
  • Plots sloping from north to south is not must be avoided in this case.
  • In direction of the north-east and north, there shouldn’t be any dustbin.
  • The essential door will be in the 5th part of the north wall for extra prosperity and wealth.
  • The east and north partitions need to be thinner and shorter than the west and south partitions.
  • In the north-west or south-east, the kitchen should be positioned.
  • The pooja room will be in the north-east and the north-east nook can have the lounge.
  • The visitor bedroom could be positioned in the north-west direction.
  • The plot will be considered good if it slopes from south to north.
  • In the south-west direction of the house, the main bedroom should be kept.


Thus, before buying a home you must be careful with the enlisted Vastu tips which naturally result in an optimistic change in your life & implement long-term peace, prosperity & wellness. This factor is one of the important factors to consider at the time of home buying with other factors that a smart buyer should consider at the time of entering into the deal.